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My wife and I split up two years ago, when my stepdaughter Amy was a smart little girl, but I still had a habit of coming over to the house and seeing her every Saturday morning, just to make sure she was handling things right. I was only 18 months old when I started seeing her mother regularly, so the separation meant losing daily contact with the only father she had ever known. This particular Saturday I decided to ride my bike. I realized her mom’s car wasn’t in the driveway when I wheeled my bike down the driveway behind the front hedge. I leaned the bike against the wall […]

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Tracy moaned and moaned each time my cock slammed deep inside her. Each seemingly tireless stroke of my cock brought her closer and closer to orgasm, but my climax was still a long way off. Fucking Jodie and having Tracy suck me off had definitely taken the edge off me. Despite the hot and sticky tightness of my sister’s pussy, I felt like I could fuck her forever! In any case, I intended to make sure this was one fuck my sexy sister would never forget. Soon, she was shaking and squealing in ecstasy as her pussy exploded in orgasm, but I kept thrusting, fucking her solid to climax and […]


I would usually wait at my boyfriend’s house for him to come out of soccer practice, watching TV or playing pool with his dad while he waited. One day his dad was teaching me how to shoot the bank and he ended up bending me over the pool table and fucking me from behind. This became kind of routine for us… I’d come over to the house while Nate was at practice, and his dad would fuck me while we waited. I was a senior in high school when I started dating Nate, who was also a senior and one of backstreet porn the stars of our school’s football and […]

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Emma stood in front of her full-length mirror looking at her half-naked body. She was trying to decide whether or not she liked the new bra her mother had bought her today. At this young age, her Emma jumped right into a B cup bra, even though she had never worn a bra in her life. She had refused to this day to wear one. She was too tomboyish and the pink lace bra her mother had thrown at her this morning didn’t fit her usual style. However, the more she looked at him, the more she liked her. She turned to the side to observe the effect. The silky […]

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Cindy texted me at the end of the shift and then she told me to give her a half hour before calling her. I did and she gave me directions to her house. She didn’t have the heart to do it in her own bed, so she took me to the downstairs guest room. In fact, it was bigger than my apartment and had a nice full size bed. We cleaned up the mess that had accumulated on it and she quickly undressed, urging me to undress as well. True to her word, she pulled me right into her for a missionary fuck and wouldn’t let me go until I […]

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Introduction: “I’m sorry, m-ma’am,” she managed to hiss through clenched teeth. She didn’t try to touch her again, partly out of a horny, masochistic fear, and partly because the subtle brush of her wrists and the way the belt moved over her skin told her he’d been tied to the waist. her back. Zach sighed as he leaned back on the soft couch in the living room, his eyes locked on his classmate, Dylan. The stupid sex miXXX jerk was never more annoying than when he was drinking, and at the time he was bragging loudly to everyone nearby how big his cock was. Something about him being a “fucking […]

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Rachel has changed more in the last three weeks than I could imagine, more and more interesting with the neighbors. After Rachel and I ate 4 with Randy and Dean, Kay stopped by to say thanks. I was tired of thinking Rachel must be too, but she and Kay talked for a while after I went to sex tube bed. A short time later, she showered and came in snuggling against me. It was unusual for her to come to bed naked, but she did. Only lately, after we became swingers, she slept naked with me and it usually meant that she wanted more. When she started kissing me to […]

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Emily Dixon was riding the city bus home from work. She had graduated the year before and was still undecided about college. She was a very attractive young woman with long, wavy blonde hair. She gazed out at the world through sky blue eyes hidden behind copper-rimmed glasses. The bus was half full of passengers of various ages. It had been a long day and she was tired and the movement of the bus relaxed her. She caught herself dozing from time to time and shifted in her seat to try to stay alert. A gentle stretch of the road calmed her body and she soon fell asleep. A sudden […]


 梅雨の時は  梅雨の時は、アジサイ、ショウブが目に飛び込んできました。  近くにアジサイやショウブの名所があります。  「わあー、きれい!」  「うーん、すごい!」    季節によって  季節によって咲く花が違うのが楽しみです。  新聞に載っている花の写真を切り取って、「園芸ノート」に貼ります。    庭のよさ  新潟で、父が「初子、庭はいいなあ」と言っていたことを思い出します。  花や木をたくさん植えていました。  大学入学祝の記念樹も植えてくれました。    園芸ノート  私は庭のないマンション住いなので、ベランダと「園芸ノート」で楽しんでいます。  ベランダには赤とピンクのゼラニウムがいっぱい。  花の力は大きいですね。  緊張がほどけていく感じが好きです。    前川初子            


AIは頭がいい     AIがいろいろな分野で使用されています。   画像処理、音声処理、医療、セキュリティ、金融   私たちのやっているテープ起こしや翻訳でも。   将来は、テープ起こしや翻訳はコンピューターがやる?   確かに便利になりました。   だから、テープライターや校正者、翻訳者は失業するのか?   でも、助詞がおかしかったり、誤字があったり、変な翻訳だったりも。     人間の入る価値     最終的には人間が最後のチェックをすることで、 仕事はなくならないのでは?   AIはどんどん進歩します。   人間はAIを評価しつつ、最後の段階で、 正しい結果を出せるのではないでしょうか。   皆さんは、どうお考えですか。     はっちゃんブログ